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Two for the Super Bowl

8 The Steelers: in the cold, the defending champions shouldered Oakland aside
by Mark Mulvoy

14 The Cowboys: the first wild-card team ever to win a title walloped the Rams
by Dan Jenkins

16 A Cavalier Attitude
When Cleveland was losing, Bill Fitch told jokes. Now he doesn't have to
by Pat Putnam

Oklahoma Takes It All

18 The Sooners boomed past Michigan in the Orange Bowl to claim the national title
by John Underwood

22 Minutes before, in the Rose Bowl, UCLA upset Ohio State to make it all possible
by Joe Jares

23 Beating Penn State, Alabama won the Sugar Bowl battle but lost a war
by Larry Keith

26 They're Off—at 56 below
The finish line was 500 miles away and the weather was everybody's enemy
by Mason Smith

74 The Paws that Refreshes
What wears four tiny ski boots, two tiny skis and wedelns with a real tail?

80 Making the Right Moves
Walter Browne says he can beat anyone at anything, especially Russians at chess
by Ray Kennedy

The Departments

5 Scorecard
63 TV/Radio
64 College Basketball
66 Tennis
70 Horses
78 Shooting
90 For the Record
92 19th Hole

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Cover photograph by Walter Iooss Jr.













Next Week

The girls of January, in our annual Super Bowl of swimwear, enhance the attractions of Baja California, fast becoming a Mecca for resort hunters in search of sport and sun.

The red invasion of North America's hockey rinks concludes with a matchup engaging the best of East and West. Mark Mulvoy reports on the showdown in Philadelphia's Spectrum.