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18 Out of the Crowd
In Britain Johnny Miller finally proved he was more than a match for Jack
by Dan Jenkins

22 Savoir Didn't Faire
But long shot Equileo did, defeating the heavy favorite Bellino II in the International Trot
by Douglas S. Looney

24 Bigwig in the Wigwam
Rootin', tootin', tobacco-chewin' new Owner Ted Turner has stirred up the Atlanta Braves
by Ron Fimrite

Olympic Preview: 1976

32 Frank Deford reports on the latest political crises threatening the 1976 Games

40 Former Olympian Kenny Moore says in spite of its thorns, the Games are worth keeping

42 A look at the U.S. track and field team and how it will fare in competition at Montreal

46 Rivalries abound as American swimmers face each other and the awesome East Germans

50 A 12-page photographic portfolio of athletes readying for Montreal in their native lands

64 Intrepid predictions of who will finish one-two-three (maybe) in each event

90 Once More with the Charm
After years of surviving on good spirit, Montreal gets set for the Olympic test
by Jerry Kirshenbaum

The Departments

13 Scorecard
74 Baseball
80 Golf
85 Soccer
103 For the Record
104 19th Hole

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Next Week

Superstar Jim Palmer of the Baltimore Orioles works every fourth or fifth day, which, as Frank Deford relates, gives him plenty of time to fret over the burdens of being a starting pitcher in the big leagues.

Everyman golfers are set for the battle of Bunker Hills in Minnesota. Sarah Pileggi will be on hand for the U.S. Amateur Public Links tournament, the longstanding, if obscure, peak of tote-your-own-clubs golf.