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Talk About Total Pressure 14
Hubert Green withstood not only the final-round challenge of his rivals, but also a death threat, to win the U.S. Open
by Dan Jenkins

Generation Gap: Half a Length 20
Jade Prince and Nat Lobell—driven by the Kopases, father and son—were one-two in the Cane, pacing's richest race
by Douglas S. Looney

Tom Terrific Arms the Red Arsenal 22
Tom Seaver could not make peace with his New York bosses, so they traded him to Cincy, where he started with a boom
by Larry Keith

Revved Up for Trouble 30
Dr. Bob Magoon is ready, set and about to go full throttle after the transatlantic record in a 36-foot powerboat
by Ray Kennedy

The Man in the Fiber Glass Mask 36
When shy Gordon Johncock dons a crash helmet and climbs into his Indy car, he turns into a give-no-quarter battler
by Sam Moses

An Enigma Wrapped in Glory 66
Despite the fame generated by his unprecedented Olympic victories, Finnish distance runner Lasse Viren remains a puzzle
by Kenny Moore

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Cover photograph by Walter Iooss Jr.

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Sparring on the high seas off Newport are a trio of U.S. 12 meters whose duels through the dog days of summer will determine the defender in the America's Cup. Coles Phinizy reports on the first trials.

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