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The Old Lion Eyes Leon 20
Getting into shape was torture for the 36-year-old Ali, but he says he's tough and ready to pounce upon the young champion
by Pat Putnam

Two Speedy Trips with No Excuses 26
Coming in to the Hambletonian, driver Howard Beissinger was out of alibis for his $2 million colt. So they went out and won
by Douglas S. Looney

Now They're Burying the Opposition 28
A month ago the Pirates were six feet under, but then two hefty hitters and a scrawny reliever brought about a miraculous resurrection
by Larry Keith

College Football '78

Musing on the state of the game, the Coach offers a solution to its split personality: back to one platoon 36
by John Underwood

Lou Holtz may be king of the one-liners, but that isn't the only reason his Razorbacks deserve top billing 40
by Douglas S. Looney

Scouting reports on the Top 20 teams, the conference races, the leading independents and the best of the small colleges 46

"I Never Was Sure about Anything" 92
A redshirt's jersey may be any color but he will have the same anxieties that Joe Jones had last year at Alabama
by Rick Telander

The Departments

Scorecard 15
Baseball 81
Golf 88
For the Record 109
19th Hole 114

Credits on page 109

Cover photograph by Bill Eppridge

Next Week

The way the ball bounces on Deco-Turf may well determine who will win the U.S. Open. Curry Kirkpatrick and Barry McDermott are at courtside at Flushing Meadow, the tournament's new home, to follow the bouncing balls.

Is the bloom still on Rose Bowl champion Washington? The surprising Huskies can expect a thorny afternoon when they meet highly rated UCLA in the opening game of the newly expanded Pac-10 Conference. Joe Jares reports on the action.