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The BowlGames
In the Sugar Bowl showdown, Penn State couldn't rip the Tide 10
Notre Dame edged Houston in a thriller in the Cotton Bowl 14
Michigan suffered its fifth consecutive Rose Bowl defeat 14
Nebraska'd sooner forget its Orange Bowl rematch with Oklahoma 14

The ProPlayoffs
Bulletproof Dan Pastorini passed Houston past New England 16
John Stallworth caught 10 passes as Pittsburgh nailed Denver 18
A funny thing happened in L.A.: the Rams beat the Vikings 20
With Roger Staubach hurt, Dallas' Danny White foiled the Falcons 22

Small in theSaddle 24
Some are only 8 years old, but the Cajun country bush track jockeys get racingexperience and make a few bucks, too
by Demmie Stathoplos

The Devils Came UpDoubly Blue 35
The Holiday Festival figured to be a blast for No. 1 Duke. Instead it gotbashed twice, while Rutgers reveled
by Kent Hannon

A Legend Lost atSea 48
He had challenged fate and the ocean before, but the latest voyage of AlainColas may have been his last
by William Oscar Johnson


Scorecard 7
TV/Radio 30
College Basketball 35
Tennis 40
Skiing 42
Pro Basketball 44
For the Record 61
19th Hole 62

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Next Week

First things first, so before they can think aboutrestaging their Super Bowl X battle in Super Bowl XIII on Jan. 21, Pittsburghand Dallas must defeat Houston and Los Angeles, respectively. Joe Marshall andDan Jenkins will cover all the action.

You can call him Don, or you can call him Big Daddy,but don't call Don Garlits the Old Man, because, as Bruce Newman reports, after28 years he's still the best there is at herding a 1,700-hp. AA/fueler down thequarter-mile drag strip.