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Fine Times Were Had by Almost All 10
Trouble was that miler Eamonn Coghlan and hurdler Renaldo Nehemiah celebrated too soon at the Millrose Games
by Joe Marshall

Another Grand Slam Bid and Made 14
By employing all his tricks on Guillermo Vilas and Jimmy Connors, Bjorn Borg won at Boca West for the third straight year
by Curry Kirkpatrick

Brrrracing for 1980 16
Sub-zero shivers plagued the pre-Olympic Nordic meet at Lake Placid, but the town showed it was set for the Games
by William Oscar Johnson

Run Over by a Big Red Machine 18
The Soviet National Team gained world hockey supremacy by routing the NHL All-Stars in the final game of the Challenge Cup series
by E. M. Swift

Life or Death for a Red Lady 26
Crested Butte is a beaut of a spot whose mountain glows in the sunset, but a mine could turn it into a molehill
by Sam Moses

It's a Real Campus Haunt 32
Kenyon swims in a glass house, but for 25 years opponents haven't had a ghost of a chance of breaking the Lords' streak
by Jerry Kirshenbaum

Bounding into Prominence 60
Moses Malone jumped from high school to the NBA and in four years he's become the game's premier rebounder
by Frank Deford

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Scorecard 7
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Baseball 48
Horse Racing 52
Poker 56
For the Record 75
19th Hole 76

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Cover photograph by James Drake

Next Week

Hey, buddy, wanna see a hot number? That would be the record 196.049 lap Buddy Baker drove to win the pole for this Sunday's Daytona 500. Sam Moses reports on whether Baker's Olds can hold off Cale Yarborough, Richard Petty et al.

The Sport of the '70s, pro basketball, is stumbling toward the decade of the '80s without having lived up to its ballyhoo. John Papanek examines the state of the NBA and discloses where attendance is declining and TV ratings are faltering.