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They're Out! 18
As the umps pounded the pavement for higher pay, baseball brought in the likes of forklift salesmen to make the calls
by E. M. Swift

A Pretty Post Pattern 22
In winning the Colgate-Dinah Shore, Sandra Post matched Nancy Lopez shot for shot for three days and then left her behind
by Barry McDermott

The Effect Was To Grind Them Up 24
The Long Beach Grand Prix had black magic in the form of "ground effect" cars and Gilles Villeneuve's disappearing act
by Sam Moses

Washington vs. Washington 26
The NBA playoffs should be a replay of last year's, with the Bullets meeting the SuperSonics, and repeating as champions
by Curry Kirkpatrick

Undaunted and Unhaunted 32
It has taken six years, but Denis Potvin of the Islanders has rid himself of the ghosts of Bobby Orr and the Montreal Forum
by William Nack

An Uplifting Experience 38
The Crushers, a Washington, D.C. weight-lifting team, have given a bunch of black inner-city kids a sense of redeeming purpose
by Wilmer Ames Jr.

The Odds Couple 66
Keith Taft, a devout Baptist, and Ken Uston, a high roller, blackjacked Las Vegas casinos with the help of a nifty little computer
by Ray Kennedy

The Departments

Scorecard 13
Baseball 50
Lacrosse 59
Rowing 62
For the Record 89
19th Hole 90

Credits on page 89

Cover photograph by Walter Iooss Jr.

Next Week

An army of the afternoon of more than 8,000 runners will be heading for the Pru in the Boston Marathon. Kenny Moore tells who gets the laurel, as Bill Rodgers defends his championship against all comers, including an injury-free Frank Shorter.

WHO WILL MASTER THE MASTERS? An odd field tees off at Augusta, smaller than usual and studded with fresh-faced pros, any one of whom could win. Also on hand are Watson, Player, Trevino and a man named Nicklaus. Dan Jenkins reports.