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Hands Across the Chasm 12
As outcast Sydney Maree looked on, Eamonn Coghlan ran the fastest mile of the season and Mary Decker set an American record
by Joe Marshall

Vito: Veni, Vidi, Vici 16
And as his prize for conquering middleweight champ Hugo Corro, Antuofermo gets to face Marvelous Marvin Hagler
by John Underwood

Watch Out! The Sky Is Falling 18
Or so it may seem to the teams in the NASL, so stunning has been the turnaround of the Houston Hurricane
by J. D. Reed

Jack Comes to Grips with Topic A 20
Golf's greatest player is having a distressing season. Is it a slump or an irreversible slide? Nicklaus and others speak out
by Barry McDermott

Look, Luv, It's Young Stevie 26
Can a jockey from a Kentucky hamlet find happiness among the toffs of England? You bet your boots he can
by Clive Gammon

Good Hit, Better Man 32
Dave Winfield's bat is mighty; so is his heart. The two have established him as San Diego's favorite son
by Ron Fimrite

Brace Yourself, Tracy 52
Andrea Jaeger, 14, has the strokes and grit to become Miss Austin's primary challenger for teen-age tennis supremacy
by Barry McDermott

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