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The Grand Finale 14
Bjorn Borg won his fourth straight Wimbledon championship, as expected, but he was taken to five sets by Roscoe Tanner
by Curry Kirkpatrick

A Summer Winner in Montreal 20
After 10 years in the National League, the Expos have adopted a tradition of their hockey brothers, the Canadiens, namely success
by E.M. Swift

Feeling Right at Home in San Juan 22
Jesse Vassallo wowed them, and Cynthia Woodhead won five golds as U.S. swimmers led the way at the Pan-Am Games
by Joe Marshall

Don't Kick Sand in His Face 28
Cut by the Vikings as a washed-up 222-pound weakling, Alan Page is now one lean and mighty tackle for the Chicago Bears
by E.M. Swift

The Good Hands Man 34
Chiropractor Leroy Perry has won ardent support among top athletes with methods that mystify and annoy M.D.s
by Herman Weiskopf

Up in Arms about My Arm 40
Embarrassed by her feeble tosses, the author-shortstop seeks to discover why she throws the ball "like a girl"
by Joan Ackermann-Blount

Cast and Cast Again 70
The salmon never seem to be in the river anymore, but the angler still wades out to seek the prize beyond recompense
by William Humphrey

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Next Week

The VIII Pan-American games conclude with sports in which the U.S., already the biggest winner, is traditionally strong and deep—track and field, boxing and basketball. Joe Marshall and John Papanek report from San Juan.

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