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Adios, Amigos! 12
Severiano Ballesteros charged away from his U.S. challengers on the back nine at Royal Lytham to win the British Open
by Dan Jenkins

Glittering Run in a Golden Mile 16
England's Sebastian Coe shattered the record for the mile with a 3:49 in Oslo that crushed a grand field
by Kenny Moore

Hoping, Not Expecting 20
Boston Red Sox fans, still in shock over last year's loss to the Yankees, are certain the team will win this year. Probably
by Larry Keith

Mirror, Mirror... 26
Because he thought he would never walk, Milan Tiff wants to fly—all the way to a triple-jump gold medal in Moscow
by Lowell Cohn

Tales of the Terrible Towel 32
The Steelers weren't much for gimmicks, but then came the Terrible Towel. Now, after two Super Bowl victories, they're believers
by Myron Cope

There's Music in the Where? 56
In the "Guinness Book of World Records," a wondrous compilation of facts and feats, you'll find the wettest violinist
by Jerry Kirshenbaum

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