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Two New Champs and a Close Call
Challenger Sugar Ray Leonard capped a masterful welterweight title fight with a TKO of Wilfred Benitez in the final round 26
by William Nack

Middleweight challenger Marvin Hagler bloodied Vito Antuofermo, but the champ bulled back for a draw to retain his title 29
by Pat Putnam

A left by Marvin Johnson sent light heavyweight champion Victor Galindez toppling—probably into anew weight class 30
by Joe Jares

Now New Mexico Feels the Heat 32
Scant weeks after revelations regarding Arizona State football, investigators uncovered wrongdoing at New Mexico
by John Papanek

Snow and Easy 42
The one-piece jump suit, once the parachutist's uniform, now makes soft landings for skiers at Snowbird and Jackson Hole
by Jule Campbell

The Old Man and the Ski 50
Herman (Jackrabbit) Smith-Johannsen first learned to ski in Norway 102 years ago—and he's still at it
by William Oscar Johnson

Of Gold and Gophers 59
Led by a band of Minnesotans, the U.S. Olympic hockey team is beating on the pros as it prepares for the Games
by William Oscar Johnson

Champagne, Roses and Donuts 98
Whether Lynn Swann is catching passes, dressing for an evening out or ingratiating himself with Steelers, he does it in style
by Frank Deford

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Cover photograph by James Drake

Next Week

A new twist comes to gymnastics, as the sport's world championships for both men and women come to the U.S. for the first time, and the Americans have unprecedented prospects for winning medals. Bob Ottum and Kent Hannon report.

The name's familiar is a phrase Joe Ruttman hears a lot. After all, Troy Ruttman won the Indy 500 in 1952, and Joe is now making a name for himself in racing. Father and son? No. Frank Deford writes of brothers from an extraordinary family.