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The Bruins Are in Ruins 30
UCLA basketball once ranked as the dynasty of dynasties, but two losses last week showed how far the mighty have fallen
by Larry Keith

The Gospel According to Paul 34
Having scrutinized traditional All-Pro lists and found them wanting, the author proclaims his own picks for 1979
by Paul Zimmerman

Sportsmen of the Year 36
In these seasons of Pittsburgh's conspicuous content, Terry Bradshaw and Willie Stargell have been singular heroes
by Ron Fimrite

Horsing Around on Ice 46
Winter in Canada is a time to celebrate, with rollicking festivals like Winterlude in Ottawa, which features harness racing along a frozen canal

College Bowl Previews 53
The national title will be decided at the Rose Bowl. Or maybe the Sugar. Plus analyses of other postseason matchups
by Douglas S. Looney

Splendor in the Desert Sky 60
Looking like so many brilliant Christmas tree ornaments, history's largest assemblage of balloons ascended at Albuquerque. A color portfolio

The Devil at Yuletide 96
As surely as Boxing Day follows Christmas, the boys knew where the enormous pike lurked—and they meant to catch it
by Clive Gammon

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College Basketball 70
Tennis 75
Hunting 79
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Pro Basketball 88
Bridge 90
For the Record 121
19th Hole 122

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Cover photograph by Walter Iooss Jr.

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The countdown to Super Bowl XIV continues with four divisional playoff games, and both Pittsburgh and Dallas, the rivals in XIII, will enjoy the home-field advantage. Dan Jenkins, Joe Marshall, Ron Reid and Paul Zimmerman report.

Frank Merriwell's son, so to speak, was Chip Hilton, the hero of 23 sports books for boys that basketball Coach Clair Bee wrote a generation ago. Jack McCallum tells what it was like growing up with Chip—and then meeting Bee.