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Coe On the Go 24
His latest mile world record having lasted but a week, Sebastian Coe came racing back to regain it in Brussels
by Kenny Moore

The Bounce, the Bench and the Boo-Birds 28
Each in his own way, Garry Templeton, Reggie Jackson and Dave Parker had big trouble to accompany big bucks
by Steve Wulf

Pro Football 1981

A new NFL season kicks off with the defending Super Bowl champion Oakland Raiders holding center stage on and off the field 32

In a running debate, John Underwood says the NFL rushing game wastes talent. Paul Zimmerman, pro the pros, says hey, ever hear of passing? 34

Will Oakland repeat? Does the Dallas computer have the answers? Scouting reports on all 28 NFL teams 48
by Paul Zimmerman

Lights! Cameras! Action! An eight-page portfolio shows that night football is a hot time in prime time. 62
Photographs by Heinz Kluetmeier

In the Eye of the Storm 96
Through epic ups and downs—Rose Bowl hero to battered pro to Super Bowl MVP—Jim Plunkett has always kept his head
by Rick Telander

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Cover photograph by Heinz Kluetmeier