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Still Flying High 18
Tennessee sure didn't bring Georgia down to earth as the Dogs' defense of their national title opened with a 44-0 win
by John Papanek

Fine Times Weren't Had by All 22
The World Cup, track and field's biennial championships, was marred by-fouls and foul-ups, but there was glory in Rome, too
by Kenny Moore

The Bills Are Tough to Play 26
Based on the way that it cashed in against the New York Jets, it sure looks as if Buffalo can bank on a big year
by Paul Zimmerman

Sugar Should Frost Him 32
Thomas Hearns is an impressive physical presence, but he'll find Sugar Ray Leonard too good in their welterweight showdown
by Pat Putnam

...And in This Corner 40
Emanuel Steward, laborer, die setter, auto worker and trainer of young boxers, has put his life on hold for Hearns
by William Nack

Bo's the Name 66
Football's his game. Don't talk to him when he loses, or wins, which will be a lot this year. But they love him in Ann Arbor
by Douglas S. Looney

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