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Another Big Mac Attack 18
In pounding out his third consecutive U.S. Open title, John McEnroe served notice that he's on top to stay
by Frank Deford

Has the Snake Become Snake Oil? 24
Ken Stabler has unretired and quarterbacked Houston to a 2-0 start, but is he a cure-all or no cure at all?
by Paul Zimmermann

Will Inexperience Be a Great Teacher? 26
Dick Williams is out, replaced in Montreal by Jim Fanning, who last managed Class C Eau Claire in 1962
by Steve Wulf

To-do Over What to Do 34
When the CFA got a TV deal that could have torn apart college sports, the NCAA put a rush on restructuring
by John Underwood

The Lady Vanishes 41
The best woman sprinter in the world is a sylph named Evelyn Ashford, who has come to greatness after a season of despair
by Sarah Pileggi

An American Tragedy 68
Acid rain—more accurately, acid precipitation—is causing the death of many bodies of water and poisoning our land
by Robert H. Boyle

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Baseball 46
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19th Hole 92

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