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On Top of the World 18
On a hot desert night, Sugar Ray Leonard punched Thomas Hearns's lights out to become the undisputed welterweight champion
by Pat Putnam

A Day of Purest Hell for Faust 34
Notre Dame and its new coach, Gerry Faust, were riding high until Michigan brought them down to earth...hard
by Douglas S. Looney

A Game They May Remember 36
The misguided actions of the U.S. Rugby Union may have endangered this country's role as the host of the 1984 Olympic Games
by Clive Gammon

The Chargers' Fancy Is Passing 40
San Diego Coach Don Coryell believes in victory through air power, and his team has gone 3-0 playing bombs away
by Paul Zimmerman

Goose! 64
Take a gander at Goose Gossage in mid-flight and you'll know why the Yankee pitcher is baseball's most feared reliever
by William Nack

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