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24 The Eagles Have Landed—CRASH!
Philadelphia was flying high until Dallas came to town and shot down Philly in the quarter that really counted
by Paul Zimmerman

28 A Last Hurrah for Los Angeles
For some of the Dodgers, there may not be much time left to enjoy their triumph in the World Series over the New York Yankees
by Ron Fimrite

32 ...And Another No. 1 Bites the Dust
Penn State was the latest to fall from the top spot, but considering Miami's growing stature, its 17-14 victory was hardly an upset
by William Nack

Pro Basketball 1981-82

38 Entering its 36th season, the NBA has been infused with a new college spirit—and it's happening not a moment too soon
by Bruce Newman

48 In a league with 6'8" guards and 6'9" small forwards, why can't two 7-footers be used in tandem? A photo essay on the NBA's elite teams that do it

52 Boston is the emerald of the Atlantic; Milwaukee may not miss Marques; Houston may rend the Midwest; L.A. will shake up the Pacific. Scouting reports
by Anthony Cotton, Bruce Newman and Alexander Wolff

82 Gifts That God Didn't Give
Larry Bird was blessed with height, but hard work made him the most complete player since Oscar Robertson
by John Papanek

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