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32 Nights and Daze in the Ring

Larry Holmes's WBC heavyweight title and big payday with Gerry Cooney are safe, but Renaldo Snipes nearly knocked them for a loop
by Pat Putnam

Vonzell Johnson had a shot at Michael Spinks's WBA light heavyweight crown until Spinks won—hands down
by William Nack

38 Purple Pros: The Same Old Story
The Vikings are using a familiar plot line, a short-pass offense, to once again take the lead in the NFC Central
by Jack McCallum

40 The Paws Have Given Cause for Pause
Clemson, spurred on by its ubiquitous logo and unyielding defense, beat North Carolina to stay undefeated and bowl bound
by Alexander Wolff

48 How to Keep Your Head Above Water
Is that 12-meter yacht you've been eyeing too rich for your budget? Here's a small solution to your predicament
by Selwyn Parker

54 The Phoenix of Palo Alto
From the ruins of the Stanford season rises John Elway—the quarterback who is coveted by the pros in two sports
by Ron Fimrite

84 Medora Goes to The Game
The author took his daughter to see Harvard play Yale and may have learned more about her than she did about football
by George Plimpton

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