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Staff Writer Steve Wulf came to SPORTS ILLUSTRATED in 1977 and was our lone Wulf, so to speak, until last year, when we hired a computer typesetter named Carolyn Wolfe and a reporter, Alex Wolff. When a Wolf named Cathrine Ann joined the pack last August as a reporter, things might have gotten quite confusing except that, mercifully, they all spell their last names differently.

We've got them straight now. Steve had a lock on the nickname "Wulfie," so Alex is called Alex, Carolyn is called Carolyn, Cathrine Ann answers to Cathy and all is peaceful with our Wolves. A gentle group, really. We have no Big Bad Wolf, or Wulf, or Wolfe or Wolff. The biggest is 24-year-old Alex, at 6'1", and the baddest is probably 30-year-old Steve, who, as a high school journalist, had a story killed for referring to his headmaster as "The Great Walrus." Our Wolf in sheep's clothing would have to be 26-year-old Cathy, Princeton '77, who played ice hockey, a club sport at the time, starred at goalie in lacrosse and was at second base last summer when the SI softball team beat TIME magazine's 11-10. Steve was at third and Alex at first, but it was our she-Wolf who caught a popup for the last out.

A history major and member of the University Press Club at Princeton, Cathy put in 15 to 45 hours a week writing sports for such metropolitan newspapers as The New York Times and The Philadelphia Inquirer. Alex, Princeton '80, was also a history major and also belonged to the Press Club, where in fact he was trained as a potential big-city-paper stringer by Cathy, who recalls now that, "Alex was a star from day one."

Alex spent what would have been his third year at Princeton playing third division basketball in Switzerland, where his act was caught by Cathy, working and traveling in Europe for eight months after graduation.

In the month Alex himself graduated in 1980, a book he had co-authored was published, The In-Your-Face Basketball Book (Everest House, $7.95). Jonathan Yardley reviewed it in these pages, calling it "straightforward, entertaining and informative. A delight." The review was in its final prepublication stages here when Alex arrived for his job interview, which didn't hurt his chances.

Steve W., an SI veteran by then, had just been promoted to staff writer. An English major at Hamilton College in Clinton, N.Y., he didn't start writing sports until after graduation, when the publisher of The Evening Sun in Norwich, N.Y. told him, "Sorry, our only opening is in sports."

"I do that," Steve said.

The fourth member of the pack, Carolyn Wolfe, isn't an athlete. She plays the flute and enjoys getting away from the den altogether, especially to Italy.

As this issue goes to press, Wulf is busy at work on the Year in Sports issue. Alex Wolff has written the story on the Clemson-North Carolina football game (page 40), Carolyn Wolfe has typeset this LETTER FROM THE PUBLISHER, and Cathy has checked the facts in our hockey story (page 78). She is also preparing to work on a nature piece. It's about wolves.