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24 In Todd They Trust
Richard Todd, playing with a broken rib and a bum ankle, passed the Jets to a thrilling win over Miami and into first place
by Paul Zimmerman

28 I Just Want to Have Fun
If the Lakers are winning but Magic Johnson isn't happy, what do you do? Fire Coach Paul Westhead, of course
by Anthony Cotton

32 There Was Sure to Be a Wash. Out
Washington earned its second straight trip to the Rose Bowl by winning an intrastate showdown with Washington State
by Douglas S. Looney

College Basketball 1981-82

36 Check your local listings and you'll see some games that will be played only because two TV networks have gone to war
by Curry Kirkpatrick

44 Dominique Wilkins, the Top Dog of Dunk, turned down the pros, and that turns on Georgia fans, who love his leaping
by Jack McCallum

50 SI presents its choices for the NCAA tournament with Top 20 scouting reports by the staff and Best of the Rest, assessed by Alexander Wolff

74 Although reports of Joe Retton's death were greatly exaggerated, there is no overstating his record at Fairmont State
by Ray Kennedy

82 Born winners Evelyn Johnson and Medina Dixon will make South Carolina a top contender for the NCAA women's title
by Roger Jackson

98 Wise in the Ways of the Wizard
Three rushed in where Wooden used to tread—then split. Now comes the fourth, Larry Farmer, truest of true believers
by Curry Kirkpatrick

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