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26 The Prime of the Ancient Mariner
Seattle's Gay lord Perry became the first big league pitcher in 19 years to win 300 games and, at 43, he's the oldest in history
by Jack McCallum

Big Wins for Little Men

30 Boom Boom Mancini separated Arturo Frias from his senses and his WBA lightweight championship in a furious first round
by Pat Putnam

32 Salvador Sanchez retained his WBC featherweight title, although he couldn't floor Rocky Garcia through 15 rounds
by Ralph Wiley

34 Great Awakening in Vancouver
The woebegone Canucks, who used to put their fans to sleep, have made it all the way to the Stanley Cup finals against New York
by E.M. Swift

42 Nitty Gritty Dirt Man
And grass and artificial-turf man. George Toma is the groundskeeper supreme in Kansas City and, increasingly, all America
by John Garrity

52 The Bounding Barrister
Attorney-to-be Willie Banks seems to defy the law—of gravity, that is—whenever he essays another of his triple jumps
by Anita Verschoth

74 Wyoming Plays Its Hole Card
The stakes are high—economically and environmentally—as the state's mineral and petroleum wealth begins to be dealt out
by Jim Doherty

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