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San Francisco Coach Bill Walsh says, "A pass rush late in the game is the key to NFL football." As the pictures on the following pages illustrate and as Walsh's 49ers show here to the Los Angeles Rams' Dan Pastorini, the name of the game in the pros is get the quarterback.

Denver Linebacker Bob Swenson, an unblocked flying object, puts a wraparound sack on Joe Ferguson of the Bills.

The Eagles' Ron Jaworski wishes that San Diego Tackle Big Hands Johnson would get off his back.

Buffalo's Ben Williams tries to get a leg up on Ken Johnson's sack of Bengal Ken Anderson.

Jack Youngblood of the Rams gives Falcon Steve Bartkowski a very cold shoulder.

Buc Doug Williams finds himself in a jam sandwiched by Chargers John Woodcock and Louis Kelcher.

A quarterback's-eye view of the Sack Exchange (clockwise from top right): Gastineau, Salaam, Lyons, Klecko.