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16 Angels in Full Flight
The big names were on top of things as California swept Kansas City to take command in the American League West
by Ron Fimrite

22 This Was the Week That Wasn't
No progress—that was the news as the first Sunday of the NFL strike passed with the union still calling time-out
by Paul Zimmerman

24 O.K., Time to Fasten Those Seat Belts
Penn State, off and winging to new offensive heights with Todd Blackledge, beat Nebraska 27-24 in a thriller
by Jack McCallum

34 The Big Cheese of the Cardinals
Whitey Herzog brought in new players to run an old system and made St. Louis the best in the National League East
by Steve Wulf

41 A Jump Ahead of Everyone Else
Show-jumper Melanie Smith and her prize horse are world-beaters, even if few in the U.S. seem to know it
by Demmie Stathoplos

94 "My Body's Like an Army"
So says Herschel Walker, who marshaled his good genes, iron will, his mama and God to create a tank of a running back
by Terry Todd


Scorecard 11
College Football 69
Baseball 78
TV/Radio 85
Harness Racing 88
For the Record 111
19th Hole 114

Credits on page 111

Cover photograph by Jerry Wachter