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18 Reaching Out for Glory
The '81 Heisman winner, Marcus Allen, who's a newcomer to the Raiders but not to L.A., has his team on the rise
by Ron Fimrite

24 The Hitman Becomes the Hit-and-Run Man
Thomas Hearns, a slugger turned boxer, deftly took away Wilfred Benitez' WBC super welterweight championship
by Pat Putnam

26 Old Times Are Forgotten
The bad old season of 1981-82, that is, because Cotton Fitzsimmons has Kansas City on top in the Midwest
by Bruce Newman

34 The Star of Star Island
All-Pro Guard Bob Kuechenberg of the Miami Dolphins was twice an NFL reject. Now he's the lord of a manor
by Paul Zimmerman

46 A Tough Man in a Scramble
The Washington Bullets have flipped over 6'11" Jeff Ruland, who's much better than he was cracked up to be
by Bruce Newman

72 The Utterly Delightful Otter
He's a lovable creature, extremely rare where once he flourished. Now biologists are giving him a second chance
by Bil Gilbert


Scorecard 13
College Basketball 56
Hockey 60
Pro Football 66
Movies 71
For the Record 95
19th Hole 96

Credits on page 95

Cover photograph by Andy Hayt