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14 When Push Came to Shove
In a memorable first meeting, Ralph Sampson and Virginia defeated Patrick Ewing and Georgetown 68-63
by Curry Kirkpatrick

22 Flying on the Ground: That's the Falcons
Atlanta shut out New Orleans with an attack that all but bans the bomb and an uncommonly staunch defense
by Ron Fimrite

28 The Loneliness of the Leading Runner
Premier rusher Freeman McNeil of the Jets draws crowds on the field but eschews them when he's off duty
by Paul Zimmerman

34 Rare Vintage Whine
When old racing cars go wheel to wheel in new battles, British enthusiasts get to see a corking good show
by Bob Ottum

58 The Star That Fell to Earth
Like a meteor, Conquistador Cielo flared brilliantly. But racing at Saratoga, he imperiled a $36.4 million gamble
by William Nack


Scorecard 9
College Basketball 44
Boxing 50
Soccer 54
For the Record 77
19th Hole 78

Credits on page 77

Cover photograph by Manny Millan