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24 The Bear Hangs Up His Hat
Paul Bryant retires at age 69, and a confidant paints a revealing portrait of the gridiron colossus
by John Underwood

28 The Bruins Are Learning Fast
With its devastating new running game in high gear, second-ranked UCLA turned back formidable Iowa
by Jack McCallum

30 Chrissie Got the Back of Martina's Hand
After being slapped around for a set, Martina Navratilova defeated Chris Evert Lloyd to reaffirm she's No. 1
by Barry McDermott

32 Don't Fool Around with These Cats
No. 1 Georgia has Herschel, but in the Sugar Bowl showdown with No. 2 Penn State, don't sell Curt Warner short
by John Papanek

40 Sportsman of the Year
Four of the finest players in NHL history assess the overwhelming supremacy of Wayne Gretzky of Edmonton's Oilers
by E.M. Swift

52 Pieces of '82
A portfolio of evocative images of luminaries in sport who shone brightly during the past year
Photographs by Brian Lanker

74 Art That Was Simply Perfecto
Time was when a good cigar was more than a smoke, and the box it came in was adorned with sporting art
by Robert W. Creamer

86 To the Limit and Beyond
When the author began the Great Hawaiian Footrace, he couldn't know how far he would go to avoid defeat
by Kenny Moore


Scorecard 19
College Basketball 70
TV/Radio 82
For the Record 113
19th Hole 114

Credits on page 113

Cover photograph by Brian Lanker