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Ruth's Falstaffian belly, Wilt's wingspan, the hightop shoes of Johnny U: The image evokes the man. On these pages are images that particularize sports luminaries of 1982. Who, for example, could forget The Catch by Dwight Clark, which would make it possible for all the San Francisco 49ers to have a share of the Super Bowl trophy?

According to St. Matthew, "The light of the body is the eye." With that light imperiled, Sugar Ray Leonard quit the ring.

Rickey Henderson's gloved fingers seek the base. Safe! Thus did he demolish the record for very grand larceny.

Can one quantify a Herschel Walker? Probably not. "I've been called to do something special," says the top Dawg.

Against his medals, the figurative laurels of his lifetime: Alberto Salazar's wreath from the New York Marathon.

Teams can play dour or play happy. If Magic Johnson—he of grins and high fives—is ort your roster, you get happy.

The Wedge. With it Tom Watson hit the impossible shot on the 17th at Pebble Beach that put a vise on the Open.

She had said, "Women traditionally are not athletes," but these womanly, legs carried Mary Decker Tabb to seven world records.

Some say his father's trade is brutal. At two months, Larry Holmes Jr. cares only about the love in dad's massive arms.