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24 The French to a Frenchman
Yannick Noah overwhelmed his countrymen as well as his opponents en route to winning his nation's title
by Curry Kirkpatrick

30 Infield Errors Are a Cardinal Sin
Taco, T-bone, Oz and Obie—with Rammer in relief—give the highflying Cardinals a Front Four second to none
by Jim Kaplan

40 Thou Shalt Rejoice, Said Moses
No commandment could have been sweeter in Philly as Moses Malone & Co. won a long-sought NBA title
by Bruce Newman

46 The Pursuit of Excellence
Cyclist Rebecca Twigg, world track champion and science prodigy, hits the road, hoping to reach the Olympics
by Bob Ottum

68 The Double Romanian Twist
With some Old World coaching by Nadia Comaneci's old mentor, two U.S. gymnastic prospects are flourishing
by Bob Ottum

74 Portrait of the Artist as a Hitter
The man behind the camera is Rod Carew, whose .435 average has made him the focus of unwanted attention
by Ron Fimrite


Scorecard 19
Baseball 58
Pro Football 64
Gymnastics 68
TV/Radio 73
For the Record 97
19th Hole 98

Credits on page 97

Cover photograph by John Iacono