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24 The Look Of Greatness
With quarterback Dan Marino overseeing a brilliant offense, the Dolphins crushed the Patriots to stay undefeated
by Paul Zimmerman

30 A Marvelous Debut In New York
Marvelous Marvin Hagler was a big hit against Mustafa Hamsho in the Big Apple. Now he wants Detroit's Hit Man
by Jaime Diaz

32 The Mountaineers Know How To Climb
By beating BC and the redoubtable Doug Flutie, West Virginia showed it's ready to scale its way to a major bowl
by Douglas S. Looney

42 Armed To Win The Big Ones
Detroit pitcher Jack Morris is a complex character who has a very simple approach to postseason play—dominate it
by Ron Fimrite

46 Pro Basketball 1984-85

Odds are against Boston's repeating as the NBA champ. After all, nobody has in 15 years—and for good reason
by Alexander Wolff

54 It was a summer of moves; find out in our Scouting Reports just what kind of housing each team has found for itself
by Alexander Wolff

66 Other seasons have brought more quality to the NBA, but for excellence and longevity, '74 is superb. A photo essay

90 They've Got The Hang Of It
As Dr. J proved in the 1980 finals, leaping is something lots of guys can do, but hang time is the stuff of dreams
by Tony Kornheiser


19 Scorecard
72 Pro Football
80 College Football
109 For the Record
110 19th Hole

Cover photograph by Andy Hayt



LEADING OFF: Time was when hangers were something you put in the closet, but now they're all the rage in basketball. Hangers are players who, like the 76ers' Julius Erving, can take off while the sun shines and stay up so long they seem to pass into a twilight zone and beyond. Such guys usually clean up in the NBA.