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22 Pro Football: The Fights For First
The New York Jets' defense stood tall in a sudden-death victory over the Patriots in their showdown in the AFC East
by Paul Zimmerman

26 In another overtime thriller, Chris Bahr booted the Raiders into a tie for first with Denver's Broncos in the AFC West
by Ralph Wiley

28 Welcome To The Old Folks' Home
Competing in his first golf tournament as a senior citizen, Gary Player, who turned 50 on Nov. 1, scored a victory
by Barry McDermott

30 Coping With A Death In The Family
The close-knit Flyers, a team of enormous promise, keep soldiering on after the loss of goaltender Pelle Lindbergh
by E.M. Swift

40 What The Heck, Why Not Dudek?
Do the big names have the right stuff for the Heisman? No, but Joltin' Joe Dudek of tiny Plymouth (N.H.) State does
by Rick Reilly

52 Portrait Of A Hero In Limbo
All that has come to pass since the Pass has not been magical for the winner of last season's Heisman Trophy
by Sarah Ballard

84 Using The Old Bean
In 1912, L.L. Bean began his mail-order business with a boot. Today L.L.'s brainchild does $280 million in sales
by John Skow


17 Scorecard
62 Pro Basketball
68 Pro Football
76 College Football
105 For The Record
106 19th Hole

Cover photographs by Tony Tomsic (top), John F. Jaqua (middle) and Manny Millan (bottom)



LEADING OFF: A couple of old birds going bonkers on the senior golf tour? No, it's just Gary Player (white cap) and Doug Sanders celebrating birdies with a little routine prescribed by Sanders. Player flew on to victory in his debut as a golden oldie.