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16 To The Head Of The Class
That's where No. 2 Michigan went after taking out No. 1 Georgia Tech in their not-so-titanic battle of the titans
by Alexander Wolff

20 Here Come The Champs
The San Francisco 49ers annihilated the Redskins 35-8 to pull within one game of the division-leading L.A. Rams
by Ralph Wiley

22 Where Have All The Big Spenders Gone?
Detroit free agent Kirk Gibson expected to be swamped with offers, but nobody's bidding against the Tigers
by Steve Wulf

24 Time To Wake Up The Echoes
Battered by Hurricanes and others, Notre Dame has tapped Minnesota's Lou Holtz to rescue its sinking football team
by Douglas S. Looney

32 Over Hill And Dale, Mud And Snow
Neither rain nor snow could keep Wisconsin, Pat Porter and Lynn Jennings from winning cross-country championships
by Jaime Diaz

38 Just To Show He Cares
For Penn State football standout Lance Hamilton, a green fingernail is only one indication of his deep commitment
by Bruce Newman

82 In Quest Of The Mahseer
Once the sport fish of the maharajas, this river species of India can be enormous—as well as maddeningly elusive
by Clive Gammon


11 Scorecard
57 Pro Basketball
60 College Football
68 TV/Radio
71 Hockey
74 Extra Points
80 College Basketball
103 For The Record
104 19th Hole

Cover photograph by David Walberg



LEADING OFF: This troupe of bouncing ball handlers turned up, and over, in Springfield, Mass. and New York's Madison Square Garden last week, demonstrating lofty variations on post-Thanksgiving stuffing.



[See caption above.]