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22 Coughing Up A Costly One
Los Angeles turned a fumble into a field goal in overtime and took over first place in the AFC West from the Broncos
by Paul Zimmerman

28 Curry Was A Man In A Hurry
Donald Curry scored a stunning second-round knockout of Milton McCrory to unify the welterweight championship
by Pat Putnam

30 For Now He's The Cats' Meow
Eddie Sutton is doing fine to this point, but Kentucky's basketball coach is finding that his job is pressure packed
by Alexander Wolff

38 Some Hits, Some Errors
14 months as baseball commissioner, Peter Ueberroth has shown more style than substance. Politics next?
by Ron Fimrite

44 Hail To The Sizzling Siblings
Leaving the bickering to others, Laurie Rinker and her brother Larry serenely won the J.C. Penney Mixed Team
by Barry McDermott

48 Seriously, Folks, It's A Wonderful Life
Did you hear the one about Jazz coach Frank Layden and Salt Lake City? It's a real mutual admiration society
by Bob Ottum

78 Once A Bear, Always A Bear
Under Mike Ditka, the unlikely coach picked by George Halas, the Chicago Bears are a throwback to the past
by Curry Kirkpatrick


17 Scorecard
58 Pro Football
63 College Basketball
70 Tennis
77 TV/Radio
103 For The Record
104 19th Hole

Cover photograph by Richard Mackson



LEADING OFF: Only in Chicago would lions—those in front of the Art Institute—wear Bears' helmets. This Bear effrontery, sculpted by Dan Galemb, was a Christmas gift to the city, but alas, over the weekend vandals stole one helmet and damaged the other.