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26 Super Bowl XX
Playing the most devastating D in Super Bowl history, the Chicago Bears routed the hapless Patriots in New Orleans
by Paul Zimmerman

41 Predictably unpredictable, Bear quarterback Jim McMahon labored to make the hucksterism and hype work for him
by Curry Kirkpatrick

44 Just Like A Three-Ring Circus
Everything seems to be out of whack on skiing's World Cup circuit—the weather, the schedule, even the list of winners
by Anita Verschoth

50 'I Want It Twice As Much'
In the face of controversy, amputee Craig Bodzianowski is now doubly determined to go on with his boxing career
by William Nack

76 Journey Of Discovery
At midseason, the champion Lakers came east to see how they measured up against the Celtics, their archrivals
by Jack McCallum with the Celtics and Bruce Newman with the Lakers


21 Scorecard
64 College Basketball
72 Hockey
103 For The Record
104 19th Hole




They're not Astaire and Rogers, but Johnson and Johnson—Boston's Dennis and L.A.'s Magic, that is—could have been a dancing duo as they did an impromptu toe-to-toe number in Boston Garden last Wednesday. The Celtics won in a waltz, 110-95.