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Original Issue


74 Juicy Days For The Orange
Led by a real pearl named Dwayne Washington, No. 9 Syracuse rose to the top in the East by beating St. John's
by Alexander Wolff

78 Watch Out, Carl, They're Gaining
In Dallas, Carl Lewis beat the sprinting wave of the future but lost to his old foe, Emmit King, in the 60-yard dash
by Bruce Anderson

80 Towering Dream In Rocket Country
Buttressed by a skyscraping duo, Houston hopes to crack the NBA's Big Three of Los Angeles, Boston and Philly
by Jack McCallum

82 The NFL And Drugs
New England coach Raymond Berry, upset by inaction, launched a fight against drugs and touched off an uproar
by Craig Neff with Robert Sullivan

90 Fiery Return Of A Leadfoot Lady
Fit again after a horrifying '84 crash, Shirley Muldowney had another brush with disaster in her comeback drag race
by Sam Moses

102 Ornaments Of Society
The caressing tropical breezes and endless beaches of the Society Islands make them ideal for our salute to swimwear
by Jule Campbell
Photographs by Brian Lanker

136 The Games They Play In Paradise
Once a year languid Tahiti rouses itself for the Tiurai, a celebration that features canoe races, rock lifting, tattooing
by Bruce Newman


69 Scorecard
164 Golf
168 College Basketball
227 For The Record
228 19th Hole

Cover photograph by Brian Lanker



LEADING OFF: Kathy Ireland, one of the luminaries of our swimsuit issue, pursues her own seaside Tour de Moorea in a suit from Triple Sports System ($32). On the cover, Elle looks swell in a Gottex creation ($64).