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12 Hockey? Call It Sockey
Hockey's designated hit men are making a travesty of the game. It's high time to get all the goons out of the rinks
by E.M. Swift

18 Half-Inching His Way To The Top
Only hours after Sergei Bubka vaulted to a world-best 19'5", Billy Olson regained the mark with a leap of 19'5½"
by Kenny Moore

20 Kaboom!
For three rounds against Billy Costello, Alexis Arguello looked ready for re-retirement. Then came a sudden right
by Pat Putnam

22 There's No Doubting Thomas
Debi Thomas, a premed student at Stanford, took time out from late-hour studies to win the U.S. figure skating title
by E.M. Swift


30 Marfan Syndrome: A Silent Killer
A hidden congenital disorder claimed the life of volleyball star Flo Hyman and has sidelined three basketball players
by Richard Demak

36 In The Fast Lane On The Kansas Plain
So talented is Jayhawk super sophomore Danny Manning that one expert has called him "a whole new concept"
by Curry Kirkpatrick

90 Valiant Lady
Libby Riddles tells how, braving a blizzard, she became the first woman to win Alaska's rugged 1,172-mile Iditarod race
by Libby Riddles with Anita Verschoth


9 Scorecard
74 Softball
76 Skiing
84 College Basketball
108 For The Record
110 19th Hole

Cover photograph by Andy Hayt



LEADING OFF: These enthusiastic competitors in Alaska's 1985 Iditarod race, won by musher extraordinaire Libby Riddles, were definitely not dogging it as they set out from Anchorage on the grueling journey to Nome.