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The key event of spring training occurs as baseball owners lock players out of practice facilities. The game's proprietors call the lockout a "work stoppage." Startage depends on a new collective-bargaining agreement, which won't be reached until March.

Though challenger James (Buster) Douglas's heavyweight title bout with Mike Tyson isn't expected to last 30 seconds over Tokyo, Douglas takes the champ to 1:23 of the 10th round, whereupon he knocks Tyson down—and out—for the first time in Tyson's pro career.

By skating almost flawlessly in Salt Lake City, Jill Trenary wins her second straight U.S. figure skating title. One month later she will win again at the worlds, beating Midori Ito with a first in the compulsory figures. In '91 the compulsories won't be compulsory, which is good news for Ito, bad for Trenary.

John Buckley, Washington, D.C., political consultant, after Perrier was recalled nationwide:
"An entire class of people have just had their weekends ruined."