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Notre Dame, twice No. 1, is knocked out of the top spot for the second time, 24-21, by 18th-ranked Penn State. During a season in which five different teams take short-term leases on the top ranking, no Division I club finishes unbeaten and untied.

Erstwhile Mets outfielder Darryl Strawberry leaves New York for Dodger blue and a large pile of green. Strawberry, who signed as a free agent, will get $20.25 million for playing for the next five years in his hometown of Los Angeles.

McDonald's says it will sack its polystyrene packaging. The burgermeisters make less-appetizing news later when they announce the test marketing of low-fat patties containing a seaweed derivative.

Tamara McKinney won 18 World Cup races and one overall title in her 13 years on the U.S. ski team. Today, at 28, she retires from a career that was anything but downhill.

Tom Watson resigns from the Kansas City Country Club when it fails to approve a Jewish member. The club later reverses its position, capping a year that raised the collective consciousness of country clubs across the nation.

Against their nature: On Election Day voters turn down such environmental proposals as California's Big Green.

Monica Seles and Gabriela Sabatini, respective winners of the French and U.S. Opens, make history at the Virginia Slims Championships by playing the first five-set women's match in 89 years. Seles (right) wins.

A day after Arizona voted down a proposed Martin Luther King Jr. holiday, NFL commissioner Paul Tagliabue recommends that Tempe be denied a 1993 Super Bowl Sunday as well.

Lou Duva, manager of heavyweight Evander Holyfield, on George Foreman:
"Some people say George is fit as a fiddle, but I think he looks more like a cello."