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Photo credits, pages 48-79.


Clockwise from the top:

Page 48
Peter Ginter; Pascal Rondeau/Allsport; Peter Read Miller.

Page 49
Andy Hayt; Sygma; Dirck Halstead/Gamma-Liaison; Jacqueline Duvoisin.

Page 50
Bret Wills; Sakai/Kyodo/Reuters; Heinz Kluetmeier; Chuck Solomon.

Page 54
Bruce Hazelton/The Daily Breeze; Ted Thai; Caryn Levy; Bret Wills.

Page 57
Jacqueline Duvoisin; Ted Thai; Patrick Demarchelier/Vogue; William Archie/Detroit Free Press; John Biever.

Page 58
Richard Mackson; Courtesy of Jim Henson Productions; Anthony Neste; Brian Spurlock; Zigy Kaluzny/TIME

Page 63
David E. Klutho; John W. McDonough; Bob Martin/Allsport; John Biever.

Page 64
Lori Adamski-Peek; Bill Smith; Professional Sport.

Page 65
Pressens Bild/Allsport; John Biever; Sportsfile.

Page 66
Doug and Sammie Mays/National Enquirer; George Tiedemann; Dan Helms; Jonathan Daniel/Allsport USA.

Page 69
Ted Thai; Bob Galbraith/AP; Richard Mackson; Bob Thomas; Joey Ivansco/The Atlanta Constitution.

Page 70
Patrick Piel/Gamma-Liaison; Manny Millan; Bill Frakes; David Walberg.

Page 73
Heinz Kluetmeier; Oddo & Sinibaldi/The Stock Market; Heinz Kluetmeier; Andrew D. Bernstein.

Page 74
Jacqueline Duvoisin; James Blank/The Stock Market; Charles Krebs/The Stock Market; Manny Millan.

Page 78
Peter Read Miller; John Biever; Caryn Levy; Porter Binks/USA Today.

Page 79
Anthony Neste; Anthony Neste; Peter Read Miller.