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Nolan Ryan gets a spot at city hall...Nagano gains the Games...a Falcon is caught flying

A jiggling rendition of Swan Lake, by 323-pound sumo world champion Hokutoumi and six other tutu-clad sumo wrestlers, at the Tokyo Dome. The performance, given in front of 10,000 spectators, was part of an evening of activities, all involving sumo wrestlers, held to raise funds for survivors of last month's Mount Unzen volcanic eruption. Other goings-on included a mock cavalry battle in which the wrestlers rode on one another's back, a costume parade featuring sumos dressed as Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, and athletic events. The MVP award went to 224-pound Kyokudozan, who did well in a variety of races, including a third in the 100-meter wobble.

By the International Olympic Committee as the site for the 1998 Winter Games, Nagano, Japan. As the balloting by the 88 delegates attending an IOC meeting in Birmingham, England, began last week, Salt Lake City was believed to be the leading candidate, but the IOC chose Nagano because it did not want to award the U.S. another Olympics so soon. Atlanta will host the 1996 Summer Games. After the announcement, 10,000 people gathered in Shiga Heights, a suburb of Nagano, and shouted, "Banzai! Banzai!" while setting off fireworks. Nagano, which will have to build almost all of its Olympic facilities from scratch, expects the construction to cost more than $2.4 billion.

By Michigan state troopers at 111 mph in a 65-mph zone, Atlanta Falcon wide receiver Andre Rison. Rison, who was driving his 1990 Mercedes 560 SEC on an interstate en route to the East Lansing house he shares with Magic Johnson, was cited only for traveling 75 mph. "It's up to the officer's discretion as to what to write the ticket for," said Trooper Izzy Fuentes of Rison's 16th traffic infraction in the past four years. "After a certain point, it's all the same."

By the Alvin (Texas) City Council, the casting of a life-sized bronze statue of the town's favorite son, Nolan Ryan, to be erected on the grounds of city hall. The figure, which will cost $52,000, was authorized by a 6-1 vote. The only nay came from Larry (Fat Albert) Townsend, who stated that Alvin has other famous residents—like disc jockey Arch Yancy and high jumper Jimmy Howard—also deserving of recognition. Ryan has already lent his name to two expressways, a high school baseball field and a museum.

Jockey Mary Bacon, 43; of an apparently self-inflicted gunshot wound; in Fort Worth. As one of horse racing's first female jockeys, Bacon won 286 races and purses totaling $997,117 between 1969 and '90. Bacon was also one of the early Charlie girls for Revlon and appeared nude in Playboy, thereby earning the nickname Bunny Jockey. In '72, when stewards forbade her to race against her then husband, jockey John Bacon, she responded by getting a divorce. Recently she had grown despondent because cancer had made her too weak to ride. Bacon's ashes will be sprinkled near the finish line at Belmont Park.



Hokutoumi (right) was tutu much.