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December 2, 1991 Table Of Contents

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The Death of a Hunting Dog

When Annie passed away, the author was stirred to explore why it is that he hunts

By Sydney Lea


Thriller at Newport

The Rolex International Women's Keelboat Championship was a down-to-the-wire affair

By Duncan Brantley


Signing Up for Life

In a bygone era athletes graciously gave autographs to a boy who cherishes them now as much as ever

By Thomas Hauser


Hizzoner, the Ref

New Haven Mayor John Daniels moonlights on weekends as a college football referee

By John Steinbreder

Jim McMahon

A Shot in the Arm

Despite an ailing right elbow, Jim McMahon continued to gain new respect by leading Philadelphia past Phoenix 34-14

By Richard Hoffer

Gunned Down by the Cowboys

By Peter King

Heavy Going

Evander Holyfield had his hands full with unheralded stand-in Bert Cooper before retaining his title with a seventh-round TKO

By Pat Putnam

Pacific Division

The Golden West

Who would have figured—certainly not us—that the retooled Warriors and the Magic-less Lakers would be the big winners in the Pacific Division?

By Alexander Wolff

The Dixie Cup

The Dixie Cup

When Ole Miss faces Mississippi State, there is far more at stake than mere gridiron supremacy

By Ed Hinton

A View From The Top

A newly explosive offense has elevated Washington to the best record in the NHL

By Richard O'Brien

Virginia Slims

Salvos At the Garden

Both Monica Seles and Martina Navratilova fired away in New York

By Sally Jenkins

Steve Emtman

HEAVY Hitter

Steve Emtman's ferocious play is a major reason why Washington is undefeated and headed for the Rose Bowl

By Richard Hoffer

The Barry Boys

Daddy Dearest

As a pro star Rick Barry was a shooter, but with his four basketball-playing sons he usually passes

By Bruce Newman

Albert Lewis

A Chip Off The Old Block

With his father's determination, Chiefs cornerback Albert Lewis has made the big plays

By Jill Lieber


College Football

By William F. Reed

College Basketball

By Phil Taylor


By Peter King

Pro Football

The Big Payoff

The Grey Cup was icing for the Toronto Argos, whose success saved the CFL

By Peter King


Gods and Goddesses at Play

On the popular television show "American Gladiators," shapely superheroes compete against mere mortals

By Austin Murphy

Horse Racing

Chasing a Dream on the Track

The Amateur Riders Club of America gives jockey wannabes a taste of big-time racing

By Pohla Smith

First Person

South American Travels of a Biker Lady

The author, a 53-year-old U.S. rider, explores the continent by motorcycle

By Catharine S. Rambeau

For The Record

Teddy Ballgame gets a medal...the skirt off Madonna's back...Tony Bennett, this is Tony Bennett

Edited by Jon Scher

Faces in the Crowd

Point After

The Final Four Can Wait

A word to NCAA tournament fans: Slow down and enjoy the regular season

By Curry Kirkpatrick



By John Papanek



Edited by Richard Demak