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December 16, 1991 Table Of Contents

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Grandma's on the Varsity

Annie Boucher, a 50-year-old New Yorker, is the top women's player at Alfred University

By Stefanie Scheer


Curbing Wily Coyote

Ranchers are resorting to animals you would never think of to counter a thriving predator

By C.J. Hadley

Pitching In at the Ballpark

At least some of the refuse generated by fans who attend sports events is being recycled

By Bill Paul


Giving Kids a Sporting Chance

Project Pride, a volunteer group in Newark, N.J., supports athletic programs for the depressed city's youth

By Kelly Whiteside

Roller Skating

Some Good Skates That Are Not Quads

With not one, not two, but three national championships in 1991, the sport of in-line skating has arrived

By Laura Hilgers

Horse Racing

A Whopping Shopping Spree

In hopes of reviving his sport, R.D. Hubbard is buying tracks across the country

By William F. Reed


Those Bills Keep Piling Up

Buffalo had to work overtime to collect a 30-27 win over the Los Angeles Raiders

By Paul Zimmerman

The Sweeping Giant

Long one of the NBA's biggest underachievers, 7-foot Kevin Willis of Atlanta has awakened to become the league's top rebounder

By Hank Hersch

Wayne Gretzky

Looking To a Great Recovery

Wayne Gretzky mulled over retirement after he started slowly and his dad fell gravely ill, but now things are getting better for both father and son

By Rick Reilly


Duke's No Fluke

No. 1 Duke trounced seventh-ranked St. John's in the ACC—Big East finale

By Alexander Wolff

Four Minus Two Equals Success

By William F. Reed

Oiler Receivers

moon BEAMS

The Houston Oilers' run-and-shoot aerial act may revolve around quarterback Warren Moon, but his array of talented wide receivers gives it brilliance

By Peter King

Rob Johnson


Who knows what evil lurks in college hoops? Rob Johnson does, and that's what scares so many coaches

By Charles P. Pierce


Baseball at the Winter Meetings

By Tim Kurkjian

College Basketball

By Phil Taylor


By Peter King

Jack Kent Cooke


In his own estimation, at least, Jack Kent Cooke, the owner of the Washington Redskins, is an immortal

By Rick Reilly


The Great Gift Books Weigh-in

Here are some of the best—and heftiest—holiday coffee-table books around

By John Garrity


Profiles in Loyalty

Even in this age of instant gratification, there are still some sportsmen who think first of others

By Peter King


Mad Dogs and Pachyderms....

The sun never sets on British silliness, as the vogue for elephant polo proves anew

By James Polster


One Woman's Ice Capades

Seeking the elusive thrill of luge, a novice goes cruisin' for a bruisin' in Lake Placid

By Beth Schmidt

For The Record

A U.S. skier soars to World Cup glory...Anchors a-bray...This Knight wears tarnished armor

Edited by Jon Scher

Faces in the Crowd

Point After

Setting the Records Straight

Illicit drug use by East German swimmers cheated their opponents—and, in a sense, all of us

By Merrell Noden



By John Papanek



Edited by Steve Wulf