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December 23, 1991 Table Of Contents

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Track & Field

Sub-Four at 40?

John Walker runs toward his goal: to become the first 40-year-old to break the four-minute mile

By Merrell Noden

Division III

The Battle of The Butts

Ithaca gave Coach 'Butts' his third Division III title by beating Dayton's cigar butts'

By Austin Murphy

Division II

Going Ape

The Pittsburg State Gorillas mauled Jacksonville State to win the Division II title

By Richard O'Brien

Esa Tikkanen

The Grate One

Oiler Esa Tikkanen may be the NHL's most annoying player both verbally and physically, but he's one of its best

By Austin Murphy



By Peter King

College Basketball

By Phil Taylor


Drawing on Experience

Wily Mike McCallum drew with IBF middleweight champ James Toney

By Pat Putnam

Sportsman Of The Year

The Everywhere Man Alone on The Mountaintop

Michael Jordan, a singular sportsman and athlete, stands at the pinnacle of his game

By Jack McCallum

The Unlikeliest Homeboy

For all his fame and fortune, Jordan is, at heart, just a Carolina kid called Mike

By Curry Kirkpatrick

A Hero for the Wired World

In the satellite age, Michael Jordan has become the global star of a global show

By David Halberstam

Sportsman Of The Year/Ten Living Legends

Luminous images of athletes for the ages, whose virtuosity we can marvel at today

By Steve Wulf


Golden Boy of the Golden Gophers

Bruce Smith, Minnesota's greatest football player, remains the author's unsullied hero

By William Oscar Johnson

For The Record

Farewell to a clutch fielder...Maxwell's team, is bad to the last drop...Tsongas takes a tswim

By Jon Scher

Faces in the Crowd

Point After

The Wrong People for the Job

Why expect athletes to be role models, when they could scarcely be less suited to the task?

By Rick Telander



By Mark Mulvoy



Edited by Steve Wulf

Birds of Prey

In the chaotic NFC West, the upstart Atlanta Falcons are circling in for the kill

By Ed Hinton

Please Don't Feed the Wolverines

Michigan's five freshmen are hungry for success, and they almost feasted on No.1 Duke

By Phil Taylor