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I am borrowing this space this week to discuss some important changes at the top of SPORTS ILLUSTRATED'S masthead. John Papanek, who has been SI's managing editor for the past 18 months, has been named to fill the newly created position of director of new media for Time Incorporated. To guide SI's editorial operations, I am turning once again to Mark Mulvoy, who served as the magazine's managing editor for six years before he became its publisher in November 1990. The giftedly ambidextrous Mulvoy will also retain his job as publisher, reporting to me in both capacities.

As director of new media, Papanek, 40, will explore and develop new ways to assemble and disseminate the writing and photography produced by Time Inc.'s magazines. Someday in the not-so-remote future, you may be able to savor an SI World Series story, marvel at LIFE'S view of the world, get acquainted with some of PEOPLE'S more interesting people or ruminate on TIME'S last word on world events after the magazines have been delivered directly to your home at the speed of light, to be read, viewed—and even listened to—on a high-resolution video display or printed in full and brilliant color on your own TV-side fax machine. Papanek's mission is to expand the positions the magazines have already established on these and other technological beachheads.

In tapping Papanek for this critical assignment, Time Inc. president Reginald K. Brack Jr. and I were impressed by his creative flair, as proved in his roles as founding editor of SPORTS ILLUSTRATED FOR KIDS—a monthly for readers eight and older that has reached a print order of one million since its launching in 1989—and as managing editor of SI. Of equal importance is Papanek's familiarity with, and enthusiasm for, new technologies, such as interactive television and CD-ROM. "The thrill of the new is what makes this position so appealing," says Papanek. "The possibilities are endless, and so is my excitement about this undertaking." Papanek will report to both Brack and me to ensure that the full range of publishing and editorial-challenges are examined and acted upon.

In Grover Cleveland fashion, Mulvoy, 50, who served with distinction as SI's fifth managing editor, now becomes its seventh managing editor as well. A journalist of consummate skill and immense energy, Mulvoy, like Papanek, came up through the ranks at SI, having served as reporter, writer and senior editor before moving into the managing editor's office. As publisher, Mulvoy has demonstrated that his talents in magazine journalism aren't confined to the edit side. Brack and I are confident that Papanek will show the same versatility in his new role.



Papanek hopes to open doors to the future.