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May 18, 1992 Table Of Contents

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A Major Contender from Abroad

The British PGA may not equal the U.S. PGA for status, but its European star quality is unmatched

By John Garrity


Catch a Rising Son

Ryan Luzinski is following in his father Greg's footsteps as he waits for his number to come up in the major league draft

By Kelly Whiteside

Harness Racing

Sulkies, Silks and More

A visit to the Trotting Horse Museum in Goshen, N.Y., is a nice change of pace

By Beth Schmidt

Indy Qualifying

...And Lived To Tell About It

As speeds soared during Indy qualifying, drivers were able to survive terrifying crashes

By Ed Hinton

NBA Playoffs

Let's Get physical

In forging a 2-2 series tie, the Knicks showed that they took the challenge of knocking off the champion Bulls literally

By Hank Hersch

To the Next Level

A dazzling Boston-Cleveland showdown got its biggest lift from Celtic Reggie Lewis

By Jack McCallum

'92 Stanley Cup

Outta Sight!

Nobody, least of all themselves, thought a sweep of the Canadiens was a possibility for all the newcomers masquerading as Bruins

By Leigh Montville

Boston Bruins

From Goat to Goatee

By Jon Scher

Shaquille O'Neal

The Grand Prize

One lucky NBA team will win the rights to Shaquille O'Neal in the draft lottery, but signing him could be another matter

By Phil Taylor


I got it...I got it...OOOPS

With an unsightly rash of bobbles and boots, baseball is suffering through a plague of errors

By Steve Wulf


A New Ringleader

Terry Norris laid claim to the title of pound for pound the best fighter by KO'ing Meldrick Taylor

By Richard O'Brien

Up from Main Street

A skinny teenager from a one-pawnshop town has big designs on boxing

By Steve Hymon

Horse Racing

Golden Once More

A tarnished Strike the Gold regained his luster by winning the Pimlico Special

By William F. Reed



By Tim Kurkjian


The Elias Analyst

By Steve Hirdt

Meat Bomb

Meat Bomb

Konishiki, the quarter-ton sumo wrestler from Hawaii, has set off an explosion of new interest—and controversy—in the hidebound national sport of Japan

By Franz Lidz

Water Skiing

Barefoot Old Boy, with Cheek

At 77, 'Banana' George Blair is a millionaire and a barefoot water-skiing wonder

By Franz Lidz

For The Record

A memorable performance at the Alamo...Maniac mania ends at the Series...Tragedy in Corsica

Edited by Sally Guard

Faces in the Crowd

Point After

The National Hacking League

Because slash-and-burn tactics pay in the NHL, two stars were knocked out of the playoffs

By E.M. Swift




Edited by Richard Demak