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A memorable performance at the Alamo...Maniac mania ends at the Series...Tragedy in Corsica


Into second place in the women's platform finals at the Alamo International diving championships in Fort Lauderdale, Jenny Keim, 13. Keim, a former gymnast who trained with Bela Karolyi until she suffered a broken back at age eight, was in ninth place after she muffed her fifth of eight dives. But she surged nearly to the fore with her last three and finished a mere 6.33 points behind Maria Jose Alcala of Mexico. The meet, a dress rehearsal for the Olympics, featured 120 athletes from 20 countries. Keim, who started diving when she was nine, showed she was fully aware of the significance of her achievement by saying, "This is the best thing that ever happened to me, except when I was born."

By Fort Worth police, Daniel Dupree Deaver, 35, who is suspected of filching Ben Hogan's Hickock Belt from Colonial Country Club last month. Deaver cut the belt's $35,000 jewel-encrusted buckle into pieces and sold some to pawnshops around town. Last Tuesday, Deaver took one portion to, ironically enough, Big Ben's Pawnshop, hoping to sell it for $200. Store co-owner Kevin Rust, a golfer who had followed the caper in the papers, instantly identified the item. He didn't buy it but did take down Deaver's license-plate number and called the cops.

The Maniac, from its role as College World Series mascot, after 11 years of lunatic service. In dismissing the 6¬Ω-foot-tall orange anteater-pig hybrid, Series organizers told John Routh, the man inside the mascot, that the "change is not directed at you as an individual but as a result of the effort to focus more on the participating athletes." Routh suspects such concern arose as far back as 1988 "when I got all six umpires to dance the hokey-pokey around the plate during the championship game."

Behind only Mom and Barbara Bush in a woman-of-the-year survey conducted by the National Coalition of Girls' Schools, Olympic gold medal-winning figure skater Kristi Yamaguchi. The 2,500 kindergarten through 12th-grade girls polled gave Yamaguchi a 9.4% share of their votes, which placed her a solid third after the respondents' mothers (40%) and—in this case—the Second Lady (12%). Mother Theresa, Anita Hill, Jodie Foster, Madonna, Grandma and Oprah Winfrey all failed to finish in the medals.

A temporary grandstand at a soccer stadium in Bastia, Corsica, killing 13 persons and injuring more than 700 others. Minutes before the start of the French Cup semifinal match between Bastia and Olympique Marseille, the top 15 rows of the stands began to sway as excited fans stamped their feet. Within seconds the structure toppled, sending spectators tumbling from as high as 65 feet. The game was not played. The Bastia team withdrew from the playoffs and Olympique players chose not to compete while victims remained hospitalized. The French soccer federation will decide on May 29 whether it will award the cup to the other finalist, Monaco, or not designate a winner this season.



At 13, Keim is peaking early.