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February 8, 1993 Table Of Contents

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College Hockey

Lady with a Big Stick

Cammi Granato, product of a hockey-mad family, is the top player on the best team in the nation

By Kelli Anderson


Two-Fisted TV Football

With QB1, players pit their play-calling skills against those of bar patrons across the U.S.

By John Walters

College Basketball

A Coach with a Sting in His Tale

At Emory & Henry College the Wasps win because Bob Johnson puts no-pain, no-gain preaching into practice

By Tim Crothers

Faces in the Crowd

Super Bowl XXVII

Hooray for Hollywood

The Big Game returned to L.A., and while Angelenos were not impressed, 80,000 out-of-towners created a frenzy that climaxed with Dallas's rout of Buffalo

By Richard Hoffer

Night On the Town

Two Cowboys set out to discover what's up in the City of Angels

By Rick Telander

Just The Facts

On Media Day, players and press searched for the true meaning of the Super Bowl

By Rick Reilly

Room With a View

Security was tight around the Cowboys' practices, but the NFL's cops overlooked one crow's nest

By Tim Crothers

By All Means Possible

How one player's wife marshaled family and friends to the Big Game

By Jill Lieber

Buffalo Wingding

The bright lights of Hollywood didn't dazzle the Bills' fans, who traveled to Southern California for a long weekend of talking about their team

By Leigh Montville

Big. D, As in Dynasty

Dallas provided a preview of things to come with a Super Bowl rout of Buffalo

By Paul Zimmerman

Super Bowl XVII

Pressed into Hiding

On the eve of the game, Dallas and Buffalo vanished to get peace of mind

By Peter King


College Basketball

By Phil Taylor


Headed for the Finnish

The mammoth Ice Marathon in Finland lured an eager American skater: the author

By Avi Kempinski

Point After





By Richard O'Brien