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June 27, 1994 Table Of Contents

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Set Free Undersea

Disabled divers are exploring a brave new world without wheelchairs

By James Buckley Jr.

Horse Racing

A Nearly Forgotten First

Sir Barton won the Triple Crown in 1919 but was eclipsed by Man o'War

By Stephanie Diaz


He Knows When to Hold 'Em

With his brash style of play Phil Hellmuth Jr. has won millions at poker

By Michael Finkel


Rx for Dog Jocks

New medical procedures help injured canine athletes return to their sports

By Susan Davis

O.J. Simpson

Fatal Attraction?

O.J. Simpson stands accused of brutally killing two people, one of them the woman he loved

By Richard Hoffer

Friends to the End

By E.M. Swift

SI 40th Anniversary

A Look Back At the Glory Days

This SI Classic from 1973 recalls how O.J. Simpson topped Jim Brown's single-season rushing record (left) and broke the NFL's 2,000-yard barrier

By Ron Fimrite


From Trouble To Triumph

South Africa's Ernie Els strayed all over Oakmont but ended up in clover as he won a three-way playoff for the U.S. Open title

By Rick Reilly

See Ya Later

The USGA dumped ABC, which has televised the Open for 29 years, when NBC laid bigger bucks on the table

By Tim Rosaforte

NBA Finals

Down To the Wire

The Rockets squeaked by the Knicks in Houston to force a decisive seventh game

By Phil Taylor

Moving Up, Moving On

By Phil Taylor

World Cup

A Day To Be Irish

In a game between the ancestral lands of millions of Americans, Ireland beat Italy 1-0

By Alexander Wolff

One Point Worth Making

By Hank Hersch

Sports People

Dan O'Brien

By Merrell Noden

Chinyere Vann

By Kelli Anderson

Dave Leiper

By Tim Kurkjian


An Exclusive Club

Forty years after Roger Bannister broke four minutes, the brotherhood of mile record holders gathered to honor their grand obsession

By Gary Smith


Tally Me, Sir!

No one spits, cusses or wears a glove when playing pre-Civil War ball

By John Grossmann


Explosion of Beauty

The disaster of Mount St. Helens created the splendor of Coldwater Lake

By David Guterson


Interactive Attractions

Or how to play sports games with your computer—a primer for technotyros

By Albert Kim



By Tim Kurkjian

Point After

A National Scourge

O.J. Simpson is only one of many men who have gotten off easy for battering women

By William Oscar Johnson



By Mark Mulvoy




Edited by Jack McCallum and Richard O'Brien