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September 5, 1994 Table Of Contents

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Rembrandt of the Rams

Fred Gehrke got out his brushes and changed helmets forever

By Mark Mandernach

Reporter At Large

The Feet of the Fisherman

In Scotland you can find flounder by baring your soles

By Michael Finkel


Foul Territory?

Actually, Weehawken Stadium, atop the Lincoln Tunnel, is a pretty fair field

By Chad Millman


Tiger Woods

The Comeback Kid

Tiger Woods won the U.S. Amateur in dramatic, history-making fashion

By Tim Rosaforte


Natural Born Killer

Pete Sampras seems aloof, but he burns to destroy all comers on the court

By Sally Jenkins

NFL Preview '94

Forward Progress

A modest collection of teams in the heartland has grown in 75 years into a colossus—and America's favorite game

By Leigh Montville

On The Spot

The NFL's new salary structure has put added pressure on high-priced rookies to step in and perform right away

By E.M. Swift

Don't Cross This Line

Once overlooked, the left tackle is now a highly valued specialist. Some of the best at the position, in vintage uniforms to honor the NFL's 75th anniversary, show why they are finally getting respect

By Paul Zimmerman

The Big Horse

The spoils earned by Colt left tackle Will Wolford have let him realize his dream of owning top thoroughbreds

By William Nack

Early Master

Cal Hubbard, a Packer and Giant stalwart in the NFL's first decade, set the stage for all the superb tackles who followed

By William F. Reed

Total Package

Jim Parker led the charge at tackle and guard for the John Unitas—led Colts

By Paul Zimmerman

AFC east

By Peter King

LT Richmond Webb

By Kelly Whiteside

AFC central

By Peter King

LT John Jackson

By Austin Murphy

AFC west

By Peter King

LT Gary Zimmerman

By Austin Murphy

NFC east

By Paul Zimmerman

LT Jim Lachey

By Paul Zimmerman

NFC central

By Paul Zimmerman

LT Lomas Brown

By Paul Zimmerman

NFC west

By Paul Zimmerman

RT Harris Barton/LT Steve Wallace

By Austin Murphy

A Block At Tackle

The quiet strength that made Art Shell the game's best left tackle has also made him the rock-solid coach of the Raiders

By John Ed Bradley

NFL' Preview 94

Get Smart!

That's what every NFL prospect tries to do when he sits down to take the Wonderlic IQ test

By Richard Hoffer


the NFL

By Peter King

SI 40th Anniversary

He Does What He Wants out There

This 1975 SI Classic profiles the Pittsburgh Steelers' Mean Joe Greene, a man with emotions as formidable as his physical gifts

By Roy Blount Jr.


Eat My Dust

Jeremy McGrath, all of 22, has run his rivals into the ground

By Ken McAlpine


This Bud's for Nobody

In a lake in Ohio, one huge catfish is outsmarting all anglers

By David Fleming


Rolley-Hole Heaven

An age-old game of marbles is still the rage in Kentucky and Tennessee

By John Grossmann

Point After

Mixed Signals

Expect lots of interference when NFL quarterbacks buckle up the new radio helmets

By Richard Hoffer




Edited by Jack McCallum and Kelli Anderson