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We Cub fans are down every year about this time. Do you have to mock us? For shame!

Fantasy Baseball
I must compliment you on the most creative, humorous and thoroughly enjoyable article ever to appear in your magazine, Richard Hoffer's account of the imaginary finish to the 1994 baseball season (Too Good to Be True, Aug. 22). Holler's rendition of the exploits of Tony Gwynn, Chuck Knoblauch, Matt Williams and Mitch Williams was hilarious.
JAMES E. ISMAN, Northfield, N.J.

If it took the strike to produce Hoffer's article, then I'm all for it. This was heart-pounding reading, the Dream Series between the Boston Red Sox and the Chicago Cubs that my sons and I have always talked about. If baseball is resumed this year, it will be anticlimactic.
GEORGE W. SAMMET, Acton, Mass.

Even in the land of make-believe, the Red Sox were denied the big prize. Thanks. SI—for nothing.
ROSS WEILAND, Forest Hills, N.Y.

Apparently the Cubs prevailed by having Mark Grace bat out of turn when he hit his home run in Game 6. According to your account of that game, Grace made the second out in the 10th and then homered in the 11th for the Chicago win. By the time Grace's turn would have come up in the 11th, the Cubs would have had to have scored already.

•We've reviewed the tape and the box score of the game, and you're absolutely right. Good catch. Too bad the Red Sox didn't notice at the time.—ED.

How could you have failed to mention David Cone's becoming the first pitcher since Johnny Vander Meer to throw back-to-back no-hitters—and his amazing 23-6 record and American League-leading 2.10 earned run average?

Who could have asked for a better finish than Cubs versus Red Sox? But Hoffer left out something important. Who were the Cy Young winners, MVPs, Rookies of the Year and Comeback Players of the Year?

Hoffer failed to mention the losing pitcher in the Giants' Oct. 3 playoff-game win over the Dodgers. Could it have been that Los Angeles, in need of bullpen help, re-signed Tom Niedenfuer to pitch in the finale?

Although I was disappointed that the Baltimore Orioles did not finish better than they did, thanks for closing the loop on the 1994 season. Just one question: May I assume that Cal Ripken's iron-man streak is still alive?
BILL ESHELMAN, Arlington, Va.

•White Sox Frank Thomas and Giant Matt Williams were voted MVPs. Red Sox Roger Clemens and Brave Greg Maddux won the Cy Youngs, and Ranger Jose Canseco and Giant Darryl Strawberry took Comeback Player of the Year honors. Sadly, the Dodgers didn't re-sign Niedenfuer, because they despaired of getting him back in shape. Sadder still, Ripken's iron-man streak ended at 2,030 games when he contracted measles and refused to expose his teammates to the disease. That's the kind of guy Ripken is.—ED.

I expected a comprehensive analysis of the strike. Instead, I got an inept attempt at lighthearted journalism that was an insult to intelligent baseball fans everywhere. I'm surprised your cover wasn't Forrest Gump dressed in a Cub uniform and striking out the final batter of the World Series. Give me a break.

Dream Team II
I must disagree with Phil Taylor's statement that the U.S. public will not "tire anytime soon of having its stars demolish the rest of the basketball world" (Yes, It Was a Joke, Aug. 22). Winning is the ultimate goal, but it must be done with sportsmanship. Dream Team II acted like thugs. The original Dream Team was made up of stars, while the Team Hers were mostly wannabes. Also, Larry, Magic, Michael & Co. didn't try to humiliate other teams. Watching Shawn Kemp and Derrick Coleman chest-bump and talk trash was an embarrassment. As for Reggie Miller, he may one day be a star, but for now he's a loudmouth with no class or style. Team II was a disgrace.
Auburn, Calif.

The whole idea of a Dream Team is a bad one. There is nothing less exciting than watching the U.S. beat some other team by 45 points. This not only discourages oilier countries but hurts the U.S. as well. America should go back to using college players and restore parity to these games.
RICH POLIKOFF, Hinsdale, Ill.

License to Dream
At last I can drive my car proudly down the highway.
DAN HORAN, Pacific Palisades, Calif.


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