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September 26, 1994 Table Of Contents

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SI Bonus Section: Golf Plus

Inaugural Ball

Despite dire predictions, the first Presidents Cup proved a success, as the U.S. beat the Internationals 20-12

By Jaime Diaz

Life Begin At 50

After decades of hard work as a teaching pro, Jim Albus found fame and fortune on the Senior tour

By John Garrity

NFL Plus


By Jill Lieber


By Kostya Kennedy



Robert Brooks

By Jill Lieber

College Football

What's Up?

Scoring least for half a dozen college powerhouses whose explosive offenses have left the rest of the Top 25 panting in the dust

By Tim Layden


Making Small Talk

How small-market teams, led by a car dealer, got control of baseball and drove it to a strike

By Tom Verducci

Star Bursts

Even the strike can't dim these performances

By Tim Kurkjian



By Jaime Diaz


By Peter King

College Football

By John Walters

Horse Racing

Believe A Bull

Holy Bull easily won the Woodward to stake his claim as Horse of the Year

By William F. Reed

Pro Football

A Means Machine

Led by Natrone Means, the surprising San Diego Chargers powered past the Seattle Seahawks to run their record to 3-0

By Rick Telander


Not Done Yet

Julio Cèsar Chàvez kept his career, and his reputation, alive with a KO of Meldrick Taylor

By Richard Hoffer

Steve McNair

Air McNair

Steve McNair is the best quarterback—black or white, big school or small—in college football

By S.L. Price

Alexi Lalas

Uncharted Waters

Alexi Lalas is the first U.S. player in Italy's top soccer league

By Leigh Montville

SI 40th Anniversary

Pursuit of No. 60: The Ordeal of Roger Maris

This 1961 SI Classic recalls how the Yankee slugger endured the relentless pressure—on and off the field—of chasing Babe Ruth's home run record

By Roger Kahn

Point After

Fans, Strike Back!

A call to action from a baseball aficionado fed up with those greedy owners and players

By Steve Wulf




Edited by Jack McCallum and Richard O'Brien